Myrtle Beach, S.C. — As A&I Fire and Water Restoration approaches their 50th year in business, they are pleased to announce that Todd Setzer, CEO, has officially been named as a Partner in Ownership, serving alongside President and Founder, Danny Isaac.

As a CEO and now Partner, Setzer looks to serve as a forward-facing asset that actively influences the growth and success of the company. Setzer possesses deep values and long-term roots in the company, and he has elevated expectations for the future. He is excited to begin succeeding in this new role.

“I believe in what A&I does and where we are as a company. We are about to celebrate our 50th year as a company, and I believe that the future is always bright. We have a lot of running room ahead of us and we are looking towards the future and how we can grow from where we are now,” said Setzer.

Danny Isaac is the Founder and President of A&I, and he expresses his excitement for Setzer’s partnership in the upcoming future. Isaac believes that this co-ownership is going to highly benefit the company and its success.

“Partnering with Todd from an ownership standpoint is going to be very beneficial for our company. He has been an extraordinarily strong asset to our team for over a decade, and I am truly fortunate to have a Partner with great dedication and loyalty like Todd,” said Isaac.

Setzer was born and raised in Florence, SC, and is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University. Setzer currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC with his wife, Ashley, and his two boys, Gray and Lane. Starting in 2010 as a Sales and Marketing Director, Setzer excelled throughout the company serving positions such as a Business Development Manager, General Manager, CEO and now as a Partner in Ownership.

A&I Fire and Water Restoration’s headquarters are located in Myrtle Beach, SC, with offices also serving the Charleston, Florence, and Wilmington areas. A&I has been serving these communities for almost 50 years, and they have acquired an abundant amount of awards, certifications, association memberships, and they have also served commercial clients as large as Bi-Lo. All staff members have completed extensive training and certifications, such as becoming Clean Trust Certified Technicians, from The Clean Trust. For more information about Setzer or A&I Fire and Water Restoration, contact Todd Setzer at, call headquarters at 843-695-9331 or follow them on Instagram and Facebook @aifireandwater.