A&I Fire and Water Restoration in
Florence, SC

There are few things in life that are as disruptive and chaotic as a fire or flood in your home or office. Whether it is a basement flood due to a faulty sump pump or an electrical fire that started in the attic, you need a trusted professional fire and water restoration team with the experience, skills, and expertise to restore all that is damaged. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, our team of certified pros can tackle any restoration project with the attention to detail that you can trust to spot things like structural integrity issues and harmful mold growth. We make sure that things are cleaned, put back, and restored to their original condition.

Trusted Florence, SC Fire Restoration Company

A house or office fire can not only wreak havoc on your life; it can also lead to unsafe living or dwelling conditions. Whether it is a small chimney fire or affected the whole house, we are the trusted fire restoration company to call. We approach every project by evaluating the extent of the fire, including any structural damage that might make your dwelling unsafe. Then we devise the most cost-efficient and time-conscious solution to get you back to business at hand as quickly as possible.

Water Restoration in Florence, SC

When you have a water issue in your home or office, it can be devastating. Water is one of the most destructive substances to impact any dwelling. And if left unaddressed, it can lead to mold, which is both unsightly and a significant health risk. The best way to tackle a water leak or flood is by getting it cleaned up by the professionals at A&I Fire and Water Restoration. We have the skills, professionalism, and industry knowledge to make sure that the water is cleaned up, and to repair any damage that was left in its wake is also addressed.

One of the hazards of living in South Carolina is flooding and water damage. If your home or office has water or flood damage, don’t just call a general contractor. You need to hire a company for water damage restoration in Florence, SC to ensure that the job is done correctly. There is no way to know what is lurking behind the walls if you aren’t trained and don’t have the correct equipment and tools. If you miss moisture that is trapped, it will turn into mildew and mold, which requires a very costly removal process.

Water damage restoration in Florence, SC is all about removing moisture and water entirely and getting to the root of the damage. You have to treat all areas where moisture can be a problem, but only experts in water damage restoration in Florence, SC are specially trained to know the process. If you hire a basic contractor, it can lead to some serious consequences! Mold growth is not only unhealthy for you and your family; it is also very costly to remove. If you don’t take care of water damage immediately, it can lead to needing water remediation, which is not an easy – or inexpensive – process.

Florence, SC Mold Remediation

A lot of attention has been paid to mold over the past several decades, and for good reason; it is harmful to your health. Over time, exposure can lead to long-term chronic health conditions. If you have mold or mildew growing in your home or office, it needs to be handled immediately by a crew of trusted professionals who are certified and have the experience to successfully tackle your mold remediation problem. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, we offer the highest safety standards in the industry to make sure that your mold issue is taken care of before the mold can become airborne and lead to further issues.

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