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Citadel Beach Club

Renowned for hosting a multitude of events, ranging from enchanting wedding receptions to professional corporate functions, the Citadel Beach Club stands as a beloved venue. However, in a devastating incident on Mother’s Day in 2016, a fire erupted in the early morning hours, wreaking havoc throughout the building. Fortunately, through the collaborative endeavors of the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and Mount Pleasant Fire Departments, the inferno was successfully subdued within a commendable span of 45 minutes.

It was an honor for A&I Fire and Water Restoration to be able to restore this amazing beach house back into a popular event venue spanning five acres of oceanfront property on Isle Of Palms!

Dead Dog Saloon

Way back in 2012, the beloved Murrells Inlet’s establishment, Dead Dog Saloon, fell victim to an accidental fire. In the early morning hours, at 4:15 a.m., firefighters arrived to find the entire building engulfed in raging flames. The devastating blaze consumed around 70 percent of the restaurant, inflicting severe damage on the rear deck that overlooked the scenic Marsh Walk.

A&I Fire and Water Restoration had the privilege of restoring this staple of a restaurant back to its glory on the docks of Murrells Inlet for plenty of great times, sunsets and food to continue on for years to come.

Southport Christian School

On May 7th, 2021, at around 7:30 PM, at Southport Christian School, a custodian first detected some heat, followed by an electrical smell. This electrical smell resulted in approximately 50 firefighters on hand, battling the blaze. It took fire crews about an hour and a half to bring the blaze under control.

The school noted that they had not seen damage like this to their school since Hurricane Florence in 2018. Southport Christian had never faced anything like this, and A&I Fire and Water Restoration had the honor of rebuilding the school for the residents of Southport, North Carolina.

Olsten Staffing

In 2016, the Florence Fire Department responded to a destructive structure fire on an early Wednesday morning at Olsten Staffing Services, located at 1711 W. Palmetto St. The fire call was received around 3:00 on that Wednesday morning, and the fire department successfully contained the fire to just a single cubicle, despite the significant damage it caused.

A&I Fire and Water Restoration took on this project with determination, working to rebuild Olsten Staffing Services, enabling their team to return to the office and work in a safe environment.

Palmilla Apartments

In 2017, a fire took place in the late evening in a West Ashley apartment complex known as the Palmilla Apartments. When firefighters arrived on scene, flames were spreading through the two story apartment building all the way through the attic.

Roof damage was contained to half of the building, and four out of the eight buildings were impacted by the flames. A&I Fire and Water Restoration took on the task of restoring this apartment complex back into a place to call home for many Lowcountry residents.

Highlands of Legend
Oaks Condos

A condo located in Summerville called the Highlands of Legend Oaks had a fire related accident around 5 a.m. in the early summer of 2017. This fire resulted in the evacuation of eight units in total, but fortunately, only six sustained major damage.

Flames were reported to be 25 to 30 feet over the building until first responders were on the scene. A&I Fire and Water Restoration proudly worked together as a team in order for multiple homes to be restored back into livable conditions in a timely and efficient manner.

Neal And Pam's

Located in Surfside Beach, Neal & Pam’s has been the go-to place for locals to enjoy good food and laughs since 1985. In the summer of 2022, Neal and Pam’s took a huge hit with an overnight fire that was luckily discovered by a maintenance worker.

In just a short eight months, our team of certified technicians at A&I Fire and Water Restoration were able to bring Neal & Pam’s back and open to the public to dance, eat and laugh the night away!

Seabrook Island Condos

Firefighters arrived to the Seabrook Island condos on an early winter 2014 evening to find flames shooting from the roof and from the front and side of the complex. This incident was a great reminder to the community to always practice fire safety and to never leave your cooking station unattended.

The American Red Cross was on hand to assist with residents that were displaced as a result from this accident. A&I Fire and Water Restoration proudly took on this project and worked to restore this condo to a place for many to call home once again.

Family Dollar

In April 2019, there were traffic delays in Wilmington, NC when a fire started at Family Dollar. Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time of the fire, and firefighters quickly brought it under control. The team at A&I Fire and Water Restoration worked closely with the Family Dollar team to reopen the business for residents throughout the Wilmington community.

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